About Me.


 This is me, Matthew Marchese.  My passion is photographing couples in love and everyone around them who celebrates in their happiness.  I can proudly say, I am a wedding / engagement / event photographer,  who services the NY / NJ / CT area.

 This journey of photography has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible couples.  Being able to photograph some of their most treasured moments in life, is truly exciting and tremendously humbling.  Bringing out those bursting "belly" laughs, as well as capturing the quiet, subtle, and intimate moments as well, is what I live for.  When you browse through my photographs, you'll see one thing that stands out above all - LOVE !

Being born a New Yorker, I've basically seen it all.  While other photographers might not be able to handle the unexpected craziness of the NY atmosphere, this is where I excel and bask in the moment.  We can turn ANY ordinary day into beautiful, timeless moments that's treasured for a lifetime.  I can't wait photograph your special occasion!